Zhejiang Omten specializing in the production of Push Button Switch,Tact Switch,Key Switch,etc

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Zhejiang Omten Electronic is engaged in the development,design and production of various mini-type switches in the electronics field. Since our establishment, we have been engaged in carrying out technique exchange and cooperation with well-known companies in the same industry from Taiwan Area and Korea.
Company main products:
KFC Push Button Switch,Tact Switch,Terminal connector,momentary switch,Battery Holder

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Product Dispaly

Tact Switch Conductive Slip Ring

Push Button Switch
Tact Switch
KFC Push switch
PJ DC Socket RCA series
Slide Switch
Dip Switch
Boat Switch


What is a tact switch?

A tact switch is widely used in people's daily life, such as audio and video products, computer keyboards, household appliances, remote controls, etc. When it comes to these supplies, everyone knows what a tact switch is. The following describes It is the detailed knowledge of the tact switch, so that everyone has a better understanding of the tact switch, and it is more convenient and quick to use.

How to choose a tact switch

A good tact switch is also very important for the life of the entire product. For example, computer keyboards, remote controls, etc. If it is an inferior tact switch, the metal shrapnel will be fatigued and lost after frequent pressing. Elasticity fails.

Notes and functional characteristics of slide switches

Current and voltage: When using a slide switch, attention needs to be paid to its rated current and voltage range to avoid damage to the switch due to overload or overvoltage. Different models of slide switches have different current and voltage ratings and need to be selected according to the specific application.